Drive Train

Katech LS9X Clutch

G8 GXP or G8 GT with manual conversion

  • Twin disk clutch
  • Clutch disks and pressure plate from the ZR1
  • Aluminum flywheel with 6 bolt pattern for standard LS engines
  • Modified slave cylinder
  • Hi-tense pressure plate bolts
  • 8lbs lighter than the stock Z06 clutch/flywheel assembly
  • Flywheel weighs 12.0lbs.
  • Drives like a stock ZR1 - stock pedal feel
  • Proven to 700rwhp (drag racing) 800rwhp (street)
  • 800+ ft-lbs torque capacity
  • No neutral noise or chattering
  • All of the benefits of a twin disk clutch and none of the trade-offs

Tremec TR-6060

The TR-6060 is the latest and greatest in TREMEC's high-performance O.E. transmission family; designed to help O.E.M. customers more effectively make use of their extreme power and torque offerings. A nearly complete departure from the original T56 it was designed to replace, the TR-6060 represents a vast improvement over the T56 in nearly every conceivable way.

Featuring all new compact synchronisers, TREMEC engineers created additional space to stuff substantially wider gears, thus increasing torque capacity while at the same time creating shorter throws and a better shift feel! While the packaging itself appears virtually unchanged; not a single component, from the forks to the split washers to the main case itself, went without an improvement.

  • The "next-generation" TREMEC 6 speed
  • Combines proven T56 architecture with all new components and advanced manufacturing methods
  • Up to 600lb-ft. of torque capacity
  • Application specific shifter, speedometer, and mounting provisions

Eaton Truetrac Diff 31 Spline

  • 31 spline
  • Smooth operation
  • Performs open until needed
  • Torque Biasing
  • Fully automatic limited slip