Adrad Radiator

  • Hemmed fin which doubles the thickness of the fin, adding strength to the face of the core for durability.
  • Dimple tube option available - the dimple in the tube helps to turbulate the water flow resulting in improved cooling.
  • Stepped cores are available in a number of configurations - stepped cores enable air to flow freely through the core due to the unique angled design.
  • 2 x 11” Maradyne thermo fans
  • Radiator shroud
  • All coated in a semi satin black etch primer
  • You can view the schematic of the radiator here

Tube and Fin Charge Air Cores & Oil Cooler Cores

  • Adrad's extruded Charge Air Core and Oil Cooler tube provides strength and performance for most applications. Oil Coolers can be used in applications up to 100psi.